Thinking of plastic surgery? Include Pre- and Post-Op Lymphatic Drainage in your budget!

Undergoing cosmetic or reconstructive surgery is one of the biggest life decisions a woman will make. But little thought goes into post-op treatment and recovery. Hours upon hours are spent researching plastic surgeons, gathering data on different procedures and analyzing costs. Women often travel thousands of miles – even outside the US – to have their surgery performed, making important sacrifices to their personal and professional lives in the process.

Yet, once the surgery is finished, women realize that they did not dedicate nearly enough attention to the recovery stage of the process. They can find themselves in a lot of pain, struggling with support garments and having difficulty sleeping or performing basic tasks. Post-op support from the surgeon can sometimes be weak, and can leave women feeling abandoned, isolated, and overcome with second thoughts. Compounding the problem is the persistent swelling, tender bruises, and the appearance of scar tissue that threatens to cancel out the important benefits gained during their surgery!