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Total Body Skincare and Wellness Spa strives to make a difference in its clients’ lives, through slimming and toning body treatments, therapeutic manual lymphatic drainage, rejuvenating facial treatments, tension-melting massage, and expert waxing services.

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Total Body Skin Care and Wellness Spa

Total Body Skin Care and Wellness Spa

Clients come to Total Body Skin Care and Wellness Spa because they are seeking something more than th

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Let’s talk about Lymphatic loads. What is it? It is the Lymph fluid that is formed by: water, proteins, cells and fat (long chain fatty acids). Water :The percentage (10-20% of water that becomes lymphatic load is called net filtrate. Therefore 2-4 liters of fluid is returned to the left venous angle in 24 hours. See the picture below in the left side of the body in pink versus the right side of the body in green returns 300ml of fluid to the right venous angle in 24 hrs.Proteins: The human blood is composed of 52%-62% of blood plasma, 38-48% cells (erythrocytes, thrombocytes and leukocytes). There are approximately 200 grams of protein molecules dissolved in 3 liters of plasma in an adult. Half of the plasma proteins leave the total blood capillary surface in one day. The other half (100 grams/day) then have to be transported back to the systemic circulation via the Lymphatic system. ~Remember lymphedema is an abnormal accumulation of protein and water in the interstitial space. ~It is responsibility of the lymphatic system to remove proteins from the tissue spaces. Cells. Cell fragments are too large to be reabsorbed by the venous capillaries. Red and white blood cells lymphocytes; also cancer cells bacterial and viral cells; dust/ink constitute the lymphatic load of cells. Other particles entering the body by way of inhalation, digestion, or injury (dirt, dust of various source and fungal spores) are also absorbed by the lymphatic system and sent to the lymph nodes where they will be destroyed. ~No wonder why is important to have Lymphatic Drainage not only because of swelling management, but to detox the body. Fatty acids: Long chain fatty acids and fat can’t be absorbed by the intestinalLymph vessels. In addition to the lymphatic load, the lymphatic system will send back all these to the bloodstream. Our lymphatic system is amazing working 24/7 to keep the balance in our bodies. Picture courtesy of Tactile Medical. ... See MoreSee Less
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