Best Brazilian Bikni Wax near Totowa Fairfield Lincoln Park NJ

Not happy with your waxing provider? Read this!

Can you imagine being asked to get on your hands and knees to have your wax done? Good grief! But it happens out there at other wax places – every day.

Waxing horror stories abound. Being treated in uncleanly facilities, being attended to by a gum-chewing waxer with multiple piercings, leaving the place still feeling all sticky, getting home and finding missed patches of hair, or worse – ripped skin! We are well-aware of the common complaints of women who regularly wax their bikini areas. Rest assured that we have thought long and hard on how to provide our clients with the best waxing service possible!

For example, many complain that their waxing sessions are rushed and that estheticians don’t always remove all hair from the treated area. Did you know, for example, that franchise “wax centers” maximize their profits by pressuring estheticians to finish their Brazilian treatment within 20 minutes or face reprimand? They’ll even stand in the room with you while you undress and dress again so you won’t take too long primping! At Total Body Skin Care and Wellness Spa, our estheticians will dote on you in an unrushed manner, tweeze out every last hair and even hand you a mirror to inspect our job.

Another common criticism of women who wax is the pain experienced during the session. However, our experienced team know how to minimize any discomfort, winning welcome sighs of relief from our clients. We also provide numbing spray for clients and we’ll encourage open dialogue so as not to exceed your pain threshold.

Other women complain that they have been put in embarrassing or even humiliating positions during their Brazilian bikini waxing sessions. At the Total Skin Care and Wellness Spa, your dignity and modesty are paramount – before, during and after your hair removal treatment. Disposable underwear and hygienic wipes are always provided for you upon entering the waxing room. You will undress in complete privacy and get comfortable on our table with a small towel to cover yourself. We’ll be able to perform the entire service while you lie down, though we may ask you to pull your knees toward your face so we can finish. When the treatment is finished, we will apply a wax remover, and then leave you alone to allow you time to get dressed again.

Ready to try us out? Our Brazilian Wax service in Wayne NJ is close to Lincoln Park, Fairfield, Totowa, Clifton, Little Falls, Riverdale, Oakland and Pompton Lakes. We have many, many excellent waxing reviews on Yelp and other review sites. You can consult our wax menu here.