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Not happy with your waxing provider? Read this!

Can you imagine being asked to get on your hands and knees to have your wax done? Good grief! But it happens out there at other wax places – every day. Waxing horror stories abound. Being treated in uncleanly facilities, being attended to by a gum-chewing waxer with multiple piercings, leaving the place still feeling all sticky, getting home and […]

Tipping policies at other spas

People like me in the esthetics business are also consumers and clients of these services. I try to visit different places in the area, or when I am away on a business trip. It’s a great way to get new ideas, and to compare what we’re doing at Total Body Clinic. There’s always room for improvement, so […]

Groupons are unfair to our faithful clients

We get asked here and there if we offer Groupons or deals from Living Social. The answer is no, and there are many reasons. But the main reason we don’t accept Groupons is because it is unfair to our longtime, faithful clientele. Groupon and Living Social do offer great deals to people, no doubt about […]